about us

We are a fun family of five looking to create a warm and cozy home on a budget.

Our home has everything builder grade, but we would like it to feel relaxing like a hotel.

So with remodeling ideas, home decor, and organization hacks, we will remodel hour home to create comfort and functionality.

Did I mention we have three kids? So you know tans and whites are out the picture! So if you are looking to create a family home with lots of inspirations, then you’re in the right spot.

Are you…

  • looking for ideas for organization because you don’t know where to start
  • Trying to find ways to makeover your home with little skills
  • Don’t have the money to hire someone to complete your endless to-do list
  • Tired of living in clutter and ready declutter and organize it all. 

Yeah, then let’s get started because we check off all those boxes as well. 

We are not professionals by any means. Often times we watch dozen of youtube videos to get to a final product. Our efforts would help you eliminate the research phase and jump right into creating. 

Although we are not professionals, you can’t tell us we shouldn’t be on HGTV. I absolutely love Joan and Chip and inspired by the Property Brothers.

My husband is pretty good with his hands and is willing to try anything handy. 

So let’s get started so you can feel confident in trying new projects and finally create the home that you have dreamed about.