24 DIY Command Center Ideas for Busy Moms

Are you looking for command center ideas to put inside your home?

There are those days when everything seems so out of control. 

You know the never-ending issue of paper clutter. The paper begins to take over the house. 

There’s homework papers, school information paper, flyer, mail and never-ending papers that end up everywhere in the house.

So to your surprise, you can’t find something when you need it, and it’s lost somewhere in the house. 

We all have those moments where the kid needs to turn in their permission slip that you were supposed to sign.

That’s when I realize we need a system.

A command center for the home was desperately needed. 

In my hunt for the best command center ideas, I ran across a few things to consider when creating the one that works best for your family.

So not only are there step by step instructions to create your family’s perfect command center. There will be some awesome family command center ideas that you can incorporate into your home so you can get a little more organized.


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There may be tons of questions running through your brain.

What should I have in my command center?

Where would I put a command center when I have no space in the home?

What are the best things to help organize our command center?

Don’t worry I will answer all your questions!

1. Find the Right Place

 I found this part difficult because I was looking for a spot that we would see often. I thought about the side of the refrigerator because those seemed so cute and organized. But the problem was not in a high traffic place. 

Therefore, I began to look around the house and settle on the wall facing the door as soon as you walk into the house. 

If you have a small townhouse like us and space is limited then don’t stress over finding a large space to put your command center. Instead, focus on the high traffic area with good visibility and that will be efficient.

2. Take Inventory of Your Clutter

Now this the fun part or not. Go around the house and look for things that need a home. It may be your keys, backpacks, mail, things you constantly forget when running out the door. 

Basically, gather your home clutter and see what should be incorporate it into your command center. 

3. Decide What’s Essential 

We knew we must have a calendar, clipboard for the children’s chore list, wall bins for papers and a place to hang book bags. 

Other helpful things where emergency contacts list, a babysitter cheat sheet, and a printable for making sure you have everything before you head to school 

 4. Keep It Personal

Besides the essentials, keep it personal. Many of the command center ideas have family photos, children’s artwork, a monogram of the family’s last name or inspirational quotes.

You also have the option of painting the section of the wall a different color so it can stand out.  Just do what fits your taste.

5. Determine The Size of The Area. 

Now that you have what you need to include at your command center, now you have to decide how much space you have to incorporate your wish list. 

And how much you are willing to spend on the command center.

If you are a visual person, then you may need to draw it out to see which configuration works for you. 

And don’t forget to write down the measurements. The last thing you want is to waste money supplies that you can’t use. 

To save you time from getting lost and browsing Pinterest family command center ideas I have compiled with the best command center ideas below. 

6. Shop For your Command Center Items

Some things that might be on your list: clipboards, frames, magnetic chalkboard/whiteboards, dry erase calendar, wall file organizer and file folders, hooks, cork boards, magnets, push pins, chalk or dry erase markers. Check out my list of Command Center Must Haves for more specific ideas.

A list of things you can add to your command center.

I know you don’t want to have to think. So I did the thinking for you. 

I gather a list of things that could make your command center ore functional. 

Keep in my you will only get things based on your family needs. 

A few things you can add

  • Family Calendars or schedule
  • Wall files to hold kids’ permission slips, workbooks or homework assignments
  • A binder for coupons and receipts
  • Bills
  • Notes and Reminders between family members using a chalkboard, dry erase board or cork)
  • Clipboards or a magnetized area where kids can show off artwork, good test grades and school photos (limit this to one item per kid to avoid clutter)
  • A clock so you can always keep an eye on the time. Especially if your use to being late. I’m still working on it. 
  • shopping List/ Menu
  • Key rack
  • Hooks for coats, scarves or backpacks
  • Calendar
  • Bin for Incoming and outgoing mail
  • Clipboard for kids homework
  • Pen case 

The Benefits of Your Completed Command Center

1. It will keep important papers under control, so you can locate them. Because we all know how easily they get lost, torn or drawn on.

2. Keeps the kids organized. The kids are always scrambling at the last minute for something they forgot, such as a library book.

3. Keeps the mail in order because so the mail doesn’t get mixed up with something else and gets misplaced

4. It makes you feel like you have more control over your home. And if you can conquer one section in your home, then I sure you can take the rest with ease.

5. It teaches kids the importance of developing good habits and organizations. Our son loves to add his important dates to the calendar such as a friend’s birthday party.

Now lets just in to command center ideas so you can get started!


5 Instagram Command Center Ideas!


Command Center for Small Spaces

6. Simple Closet Organization 

closet command ideas

Image Credit:  the happy housie

This closet approach keeps everything slightly hidden but well organized.

I love the Mint Office Accessories it adds organization in style.

7. DIY Command Center

DIY command center idea

Image credit: Girl Loves Glam.

Are you crafty?

This truly a personalized command center and it has the essential to keep it together. 

8. On the Door Command Center

door organizer

This is nice and simple. If you are looking to get organized quickly and don’t have space for an entire wall then the door command center is a good alternative. 

Image Credit: Living Well Mom

9. Giant Command Center

Giant command center

Giant Command Center from Beneath My Heart

Everything you need on one giant chalkboard. I like the ideas of planning 3 months in advance so nothing pops up on you. 

10. Family Command Center Idea

nothing like a simple wall command center

Image credit: Clean And Scentsible.

Clean space-saving wall unit keeping everything in one place!

Command Center on the Fridge

11. Keeping it Together

Family command center on the fridge

I Image credit and idea: At Charlotte’s House.

This vertical wall command center on the side of the refrigerator is a great use of a space such a cute wall file holder.

12. Magnetic Fridge Organizer

command center ideas

Image credit and tutorial: Landee See Landee Do.

Another well done organizer one the side of the ffride. The cool part is everything is magnetic so no need to measure, cut, and drill.

13. Magnetic Calendar

magnetic command center

Image credit and tutorial: The Clay Family.

A simple magnetic command center for a simple setup. Its should take no time to set up your command center by simpliy adding your magnetic calendar, chore chart and pen case

Command Center Ideas utilizing a Desk

14. Command Center on a Budget

need a command center on a budget

Credit from: Simple As That

A desk is a great addition to a command center. Plus, you have to love the charging station/ key holder idea. I found a simiar vintage wall mounted mail organizer and key hooks.

15. Monogram Space

perfect family command center

Image credit: Intentional Adventures.

This command center has elements that I would add, such as the Letter Monogram and a storage cabinet so you can’t see any mess!

16. Cute Vintage Command Center

A vintage command center that has a desk. command center ideas

Image credit: Home Heart Harmony.

Isn’t this cute? I love the picture of the family with the pets. * heart 

The charging section is a good addition and the baskets offers storage.

It’s gives me vintage chic. 

17. Let’s Keep it All Together

colorful command center

Image credit: Semi-Domesticated Mama.

A great system utilizing everything on my wish list.

18.Dedicated Wall Area

getting things organized

Image Credit: Miss Frugal Fancy Pants

The separate folders for each child to put their paperwork is a brilliant idea. And I would even make the folders different colors for each basket so they can identify what goes where.

19.Personalized Command Center

Personalized command center ideas for your family

Image Credit :Imabatmom.com

OMG, I love the adorable picture of the kids and the chalk paint wall!

I would have never thought about a chalk paint wall, but its a good addition to personalizing the area. 

20.One-Stop Shop

complete organizer

Image credit: Pinterest.

Mint is definitely a thing. I love the chevron calendar, family photo and look baskets to keep it all together 

21. Colorful Command Center

cute command center

Image credit: The Homes I Have Made.

Colorful way to help personalize your command center with back pack books and bins for complete organization. 

22. Long Wall Command Center

wall organizer

Image credit: Jenna Burger Design.

This is like the space I had to work with..a long wall command center. The great thing is that makes it simple to organize but as you see space is limited so you have to really decide on what’s essential.

And how high you want to go on your wall but keep in mind your heigh and how hard it is to see that high.

23. Wire System 

love this industrial home command center

Image credit: One Creative Housewife

A very clean and functional system with wire baskets that I adore!

24. Metallic 

cute metallic wall organizer

Image credit: Pottery Barn.

Are you looking for something with a metallic feel?

These metallic folders are cute and not to mention it section for photos. 

If you don’t have the time or energy to create, or design your own customized command center don’t worry I got you. Simply grab one of these already made command centers and you are all set.

Final Thoughts

Command Centers are great additions to keep your home organized and keep things in order. With these command center ideas you can mix and match the best parts of each until you create your personalized design!

Hope you love the ideas?

Which one is your favorite? What must-have item do you need on your family command center?

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