Best Home Paint Supplies That’ll Make Your Paint Job Easier

Paint your room like a pro with these wall paint supplies

Painting your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can definitely DIY it!

You don’t have to dread how long the process is going to take.

Or worry if it’s going to be a disaster at in the end, higher someone.

Instead, you want to paint the walls of your home quickly and without much effort.

Besides, we are past the days of using traditional painting tools that take up to much time and leaves a mess.

As a working parent, I understand the struggle of wanting a lovely home but not wanting to spend the money on things you can do yourself.

This article will show you some fantastic painting tips and best home painting supplies to make interior paint jobs a breeze.

You will be proud of yourself.

Best Paint Supplies for 2020

# 1 Shur-Line Paint Edger Pro

If you have a hard time painting straight lines on the ceiling as I did, then grab this brush.

Before I found out about this tool, I would spend too much time adding tape to outline the ceiling and going back to paint over incorrect areas.

Finally, there was a painting tool that allowed me to cut my time in half.

Now I could cut corners between the ceiling and along the wall in no time.

If you are an amateur, then this is a non-negotiable paint tool!

# 2 Purdy XL Brush 3 Pack

If you are looking for a brush that offers clean lines even on narrow surfaces, then this is it. This brush allows me to paint the baseboard without tapping.

  • The brush holds paint well, which is great because you don’t have to keep adding paint after every few strokes.
  • The angled brush allows you to get into the corners.
  • Great reusable paintbrush. We had ours for years because we clean it thoroughly after every use.

#3 ScotchBlue Table with Edge-Lock

I have tried many tape brands such as Frog tape and Duck tape, but this by far is still my favorite.

The tape you need must be able to handle multiple surfaces and deliver ultra-sharp paint lines.

True story, one time the tape that pulled the paint and drywall off the wall. OMG! talk about being upset.

#4 Scotch Masking Tape and Paper Dispenser

This is something I have to add to my shopping cart! I have not tried this, but the most tedious part of painting a room is the prepping part. If I can save myself time then I am here for it. There is a more expensive version here, but I will try this one first.

#5 Extension Poles

An extension pole is a must-have for painting ceiling or high walls. The great thing is you can screw it into all most any paint roller or edger. Having a poll extender a necessity in our home because I am not willing to many steps from the bottom of the ladder.

#6 Wagner PaintStick EZ-Twist Roller Applicator, Interior, Home Tool for Painting Walls and Ceilings, Holds Paint in Handle, Paint Roller, Paint Tool

If you really want to get fancy, then this roller applicator is a must-have.

Simply attach the PaintStick to the fill tube and draw up the paint like a syringe. The inner fed paint roller handle holds a good amount of paint, eliminating trays, drips, and mess.

Tips and Trick For Beginners Painting a Room-2020

Often people want to know if these tools will help them look like it’s professionally done, and the answer is yes.

When painting a wall, where do you start?

I like to start by trimming the edges with the Shur Line Edger Tool around the room. And using the angled paintbrush to get the corners and hard to reach areas. Then focus on the center areas.

It’s like coloring along the edges of the picture before you fill in the middle part.

What do you need to paint a wall?

You will need additional supplies to paint your home. The list above would make your painting job easier and way less messy. You will also need paint, of course, a paint bucket ( a small one for trim), a drop cloth, and a ladder.

Can these tools work on other household painting projects?

I have used the majority of these tools when redoing our small powder room. You can see how I painted the bathroom cabinets over the weekend.

The Best Home Paint Supplies and Tools: Final Thought

I think paint is relaxing and fun but not many people want to spend lots of time doing it. You can easily cut your time in half by using these game-changing tools.

These are 6 supplies and tools you need to make painting any room a breeze.

Please share your painting experience. And if you have a painting tool that is a lifesaver, then leave a comment below!

Want to spruce up your home by painting the wall in your room? These are the best wall paint supplies you will need so that  painting any room is quick and easy.  Click through for the best paint supplies hacks.
Want to spruce up your home by painting the wall in your room? These are the best wall paint supplies you will need so that painting any room is quick and easy. Click through for the best paint supplies hacks.

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