How to Easily Update Spray Paint Metal Outdoor Furniture

Want to save your outdoor furniture by spray painting it?

Well you in the right place for step by step photos.

Spray painting is an easy way to bring old furniture back to life.

These four outdoor chairs I brought about eight years ago! They have been out in the pouring rain, the snow, and in the beaming sun. I was about to toss then since we purchased an outdoor sofa but decided to try spray painting them first.

Let’s jump into these easy and simple steps to remodel outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Funiture Makeover

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Here is a close up picture of the chair before spray painting it. As you can see, its rusted, discolored, and really sad looking.

At first, I was going to replace them with different pieces but it would cost over 1oo for a set of four.

These I got from my fav store Target off season for about 15 bucks a chair.

So spray painting was the cheaper option.

Spray paint outdoor metal furniture

Spray Paint Outdoor Funiture : Step by Step

To make things a little simpler, I added the steps below.

I know how hard it is to follow someone step by step makeover projects when reading them too.

Step 1: Sand the Chairs

Sand off any loose paint and rub off any gloss

Step 2: Wipe it Down

Use water to wipe down chair with a rag and add tsp if you have grime

Step 3: Spray First Coat

Spray your furniture with Rustoleum Spray Paint
* don’t spray too close

Step 4: Spray Paint 2nd Coat

Spray paint another coat to make sure you didn’t miss spots

Step 5: Wait until Dry

Before using the furniture make sure it is completely dry
* check the weather
*wait 48 hr before use

Pretty simple right?

Chairs Before Spray Painted

As you can see they are really beat up.

They were fading and looked rusty. If you have too much rust you should check out 7 Easy Ways to Remove Rust Stains From Metal Outdoor Furniture. But did have a problem.

Sanded and Wipe Down Outdoor Furniture

I lightly and barley sanded down the outdoor patio chairs.

Honestly, I think the sand grade I used ( 100 grit) was too rough because it left scratch marks. So if you decide to sand it down, then make sure its a sandpaper for light jobs.

Then the fun part.

I spray painted all four chairs.

Finished Spray Paint Project

before and after spray paint
spray painted chairs

Look at the shine!

Overall the project took 30 mins because I let it dry 10 mins between both coats.

Final Thoughts

I can’t believe how simple and EASY spray painting the chair were.

It was really hot outside, so I believe that helps them dry quickly because it rained that night. Luckily that didn’t affect the chairs. But, keep in mind the weather because I spray painted the knobs, and that story didn’t turn out so well. I’ll be sure to share the deets.

Frequently Asked Questions- Spray Painting Outdoor Metal Funiture

What kind of paint works best for painting metal furniture?

The only spray paint that I used is Rust-oleum for this particular project it was Universal in Metalic here. So far this spray paint held up for several months in my extreme weather.

How to prep metal patio furniture of painting?

One really helpful thing is having a safe area to spray. Because I sprayed on the deck, my biggest concern was getting it on the floor. So I used an old box from the patio furniture. Otherwise, prep was simple. Sand, Wipe, Spray

How many cans do I need?

I used about 3/4 of the can but that could be because I didn’t spray paint under the chairs. Basically, only the visible areas.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have questions or projects you like to see.

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