What Are the Key Steps to Painting a Room?

This post is an ultimate guide for steps to painting a room.

So you’re ready to paint a room in your home! Yaaaayy, you decided not to spend money on hiring someone and Do it yourself.

Now you have questions.

What are the right steps to paint a room?

Should I start in a particular order?

How can I paint quickly but make sure its neat?

I have had all these questions when I first started painting. Now many years later, I can paint a room quickly and look like a Pro.

This post will provide steps to help you through your process and answer many of the questions you may have. 

Don’t worry you go this!


A step by step guide to painting a room. Everything you need!
girls room and dining room

1. Decide Which Room You Are Going To Paint

It may seem simple, but often this is where people get stuck. Should I paint the living room then the dining room? Or should I start with the hallway?

I personally don’t have a preference, I start wherever the mood is striked.

In our first home, I started with the bedrooms then worked my way downstairs. In this home, I started with the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Make Sure the Colors Flow

paint colors fo the home
our irst floor paint colors

The only thing I do recommend is the paint colors flow into each room.  I know there is someone saying I want a blue kitchen, green living room, and orange dining room. Well, by all means, do what makes you happy.

For those looking for unity and flow in the home. Then keep colors in the same color family.

For example, in our home, the living room the walls are painted in Benjamin Edge Comb Grey, and the in the entryway is Benjamin Moore ReverePetwer. The was dining room was painted in a gray with a blue. A Behr paint color I can’t remember.

I used most paint in multiple rooms to save money

This will help when determining how much paint you should get and make the house cohesive.

Which goes to my next tip be mindful of the flow of colors in your home. When I painted the dining room I knew I wanted to stay within the same color family. 

2. Schedule it!l

plan you paint job
ultimate mom planner

 We all know, we love saying we want to do home projects but never seem to get to it. By adding it to your schedule, you will be more likely to hold yourself accountable. 

Some cool DIY Facebook groups offer great support and show incredible before and after project photos.

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3. See If You Can Get Help

In our first home, 2 of my girlfriends would come over to help. In exchange, I would babysit their kids. It’s a lot more fun when you have music and a little wine. We don’t want you making a mess of the paint job. Add them to your calendar! 

4. Make Sure You Love Your Paint

choose the right paint color

You don’t want to do all this work, paint your room and realize it does give you the feeling you were hoping for. 

So I recommend, before purchasing your paint, try it in your home. I usually will get the little free squares and put them in the light switch, so I can see how it looks and feels when I go into the room. Then, once I narrow it down to 2, I will get paint samples to paint on the wall.

Tip: the colors look different depending on the time of day, and whether the room is north facing or south facing.   When you narrow it down your color, then you can make the leap and purchase a small sample. 

Tip: Determine the perfect shade for your home. Remember, you are choosing a finish that fits you. I prefer satin because it’s washable.

Tip: Make sure it vibes with the existing furniture: no need to paint the wall and the gray sofa is horrible against it. 

5. Gather Your Paint Supplies

Ready to paint your room but dont know where to start? This post go into some amazing detail with the steps to paint a room so you can enjoy the home you have.
our stairway wall

Save yourself time by getting everything together. or you will end up running back and forth to the hardware store. Not that I know anything about that * wink

  • Paintbrush
  • Rollers
  • Tape
  • Tarp or plastic covers
  • Rag- for wiping the walls if needed
  • Paint pan
  • Edge Tool
  • Plastic bags- if you don’t finish in one day you need to keep the brushes wet so wrap them in a trash bag

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6. Prep the Room For Painting

If you can move everything out of the room great, but if you can’t, then I highly recommend you prep the room by moving the furniture to one side. Then put a tarp on top, so accidental paint splashes don’t mess up your furniture. Besides, kids are quick and sneaky, so you don’t want to be in your painting grove with music and turn around to chaos.

It is also necessary to place lining or tarp on the floor as well. No matter how novice or professional you are, there is always a possibility of an accident. 

7. Finally Start Painting

Most people want to know what order do you paint a room. Well depending on who you talk to that answer could vary.

I have read articles that says pros suggest you steps to painting a room consist of

  1. Ceiling
  2. Floor Trim
  3. Cut around one wall
  4. Fill in that wall
  5. Move to the next wall

If you prefer this method check it out here.

But, I put step 2 at the end.

Cut the wall

You can by using an angled brush or an edge sharpener tool to go around the edges of the wall. That’s cutting around the wall. Its like coloring paper where you start around the edges then fill the picture in.

Fill in the wall in a W motion

Some say go straight up and down but that never works for me. Instead, I use the W or M motion which means to go in that direction first then go up and down. This fills in perfectly.

Add Your Second Coat 

Did you use a primer?

Most times, we don’t because my wall is builder grade flat paint. But, if you are painting over color, you should use a primer. And depending on the quality of your paint you may need more coats. 

Now they have paint and primer, which never works the way I want it, so I instead purchase it separately.

Trim & Doors. 

paint a door
Image credit: Semigloss Design

Find step by step instruction for painting doors here.

Finally the hard part is done.

Now I would like to go back and finish the trim and pain the door.

Painting trim enhances the color of the walls. You may want to skip this step but don’t. It makes the walls pop when the trim has a fresh coat of paint.

  • tape off wall
  • keep floor covered
  • lightly sand, caulk and wipe ( if needed)
  • use short strokes with your angled brush to cover the trim

Tip: make sure the wall is dry if you’re going to add tape to the wall. The last thing you want to is to mess up your paint job.

You’re done!

Final Thought: Steps to Paint a Room Q&A

What colors should the wall be colored?

This answer varies. Are you staging the home to sell? It’s best to stay with neutral colors. Are you looking for something to help you relax? Read: How Room Color Affects Mood or looking for 2020 popular paint color.

How do you paint in a weekend?

If you break the task into bite size pieces you can easily do this in a weekend. Pre day 1- purchase supplies Day 1- prep the room + first coat Day 2- second coat + trim. Done

Do you have to wash thee walls before you paint?

In most cases, I would say no unless you have noticeable grease, dust, or dirt that will mess out the outcome of your project. This article can help you determine if cleaning your wall before painting is needed.

Which paint brand is best?

I would rank them Benjamin Moore, Sherwin William, Behr then everything else. But, Sherwin William I use mostly because of the cost and quality ratio.

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paint a room is easy with the right steps. Here is a complete step by step guide to painting your room in  a weekend.
girls room before and after
Real steps to painting a room that you will love
our dining room

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